3 Tips For Creating A Google-Friendly Site

If there is one audience out there that you want to impress with your site, it’s gonna be Mr. G.


Simply because Google is the King of all search engines. No, not the king but THE EMPEROR!Google Friendly Site

According to the latest report by Experian Hitwise, Google accounted for 71.43 percent of all U.S. searches conducted in the four weeks of ending Aug. 1, 2010. While Yahoo! Search, Bing, and Ask received 14.43 percent, 9.86 percent, and 2.32 percent, respectively.

3 Tips For Creating A Google-Friendly Site
3 Tips For Creating A Google-Friendly Site

Based on this report, there’s no denying that Google is still the undefeated King of all Kings of Search Engines.

And when the “emperor” talks, everybody listens. This is the reason why we need to make our blog/website a Google-friendly site. Even the famous internet marketing genius, John Chow, bowed down to Google when his site was banned by the emperor.

There’s no other way to be a Google-friendly site but to follow the pointers that Google posted on their Webmaster’s tool site.

Here are the 3Tips for Creating a Google-friendly Site and Achieve Good Rankings.

1. Give visitors the information they’re looking for.

Contents, good content, quality content. Make sure your site or blog contains useful information specially the home page. Provide unique content that is worth reading to your readers.

Encouraged, engaged, influenced your readers! Give them what they want.

Links, good links, quality links. Are you familiar with the famous line “No man is an island”? Do you know the meaning of it? It means man cannot live alone. This is the same with a blog or a website, you can’t make it without others linking to you. Links help search engines to find your site.

Make sure that you are getting natural links. Avoid participating in link exchange schemes and watch out for “bad neighborhoods” that are linking to as well. If you follow tip no.1, other sites will surely link to yours.

Tip: Best inbound links are from those sites that pass PageRank and have the same niche as yours.

3. Make your site easily accessible.

Don’t hide! Don’t ever be an invisible site! Don’t make it hard for the “emperor’s soldiers” to find you. Make sure that search engines can crawl your site. Structure your blog or website exactly what the search engines are looking for. Every page should have a minimum of one static link. This is where the off-page optimization comes into the game.

Try considering a static cache for your blog.

Tip: For WordPress users, you may want to use the WP Super Cache plugin – a very fast caching engine for producing static HTML files. I’m pretty sure that your WebHost will thank you for it.

The emperor’s soldiers hate broken links. Check for the broken links and incorrect HTML.

There you are, fellow internet citizens. I just presented to you the quick and short but very important 3 tips to make your site visible to the world. If you want the emperor to notice you – be friendly, not only to the authority but to other citizens as well. Don’t forget to follow the rules if you don’t want your site ending up in prison (sandbox a.k.a. Google penalty). If your site is not friendly, the Emperor will surely banish your site from its search results.

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