3 Tips To Make Your Site Visible

3 Tips To Make Your Site Visible
3 Tips To Make Your Site Visible

Yesterday, I wrote 3 tips for creating a Google-friendly site and today I’ll be posting another quick but very important tips to make your site visible to the search engine.

If you haven’t read my previous post, I encourage you to review it and find the answer to the question: why do you need your site be easily accessible and visible to the search engines?

After reading that, then go back here to implement the action plan that I’m going to tell you. Sort of a checklist. There are actually a lot of ways but I’m just giving you 3 today.

3 Tips To Make Your Site Visible

1. Article Marketing.

Don’t take my word for it but ask any internet marketing gurus and they surely will tell you that this method is one of the most effective tools to bring a lot of traffic to your site. Write a few articles and submit them to article the directories.

You need to create unique content for your article marketing and not just copy-paste from other sites on the web. Before you submit your article make sure that you apply SEO techniques to it. SEO is very easy. I’ve written a lot of this topic here in BlogDeManila or you can always search for do it yourself SEO on the net.

After writing your article, submit them to at least the top 10 article directories with a link back to your site and watch the traffic roll in.

2. Register and participate at Yahoo Answers.

Try to answer questions and put a link to the source part while answering. To make it natural to the search engine, point the source to your website and the article that you’ve submitted to article directories alternately.

Once again, try as much as possible to use the right keywords in making a backlink because people who are asking questions are in reality searching. And they’re searching for answers. Using the right keywords for your answers will add a lot of search engine visibility to your site.

3. Find forums in your niche, register, and be an active member.

Try to find these related niche forums to your site and be a resource person. Answer as many as questions too and put a link of your blog or site to your signature.

Use Google to look for forums that are related to your site. Just search as you normally would and on the result page click on the “Discussion” label which you can find on the left side. Further down, you will see “Forums ” right after “All discussions”. You may also use a specialized SEO software tool to help you analyze automatically your site for keywords and it will return a result where to find the forums that are related to those keywords.

Making your site visible to the search engines and to the world is an easy task but you have to do it constantly if you want to maintain your rank on the result page.

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