Baby Walkers Safety Tips And Alternatives

A baby walker is a baby product that allows babies to walk without falling off, as the walker holds a seat connected to the circular or square base along with wheels to move around. There is an opening through which the child’s legs reach the floor to walk with great support. Here we will discuss the baby walkers’ safety tips and alternatives in detail.

Baby Walkers Safety Tips And Alternatives

Baby Walkers – Safety Tips:

When your baby uses a baby walker, then you need to follow certain safety tips for the safety of your baby.

Barricade the Stairwells

The first and most crucial thing is to barricade or close all the staircases entry in your home. This is the main problem due to which babies fall down the staircases with baby walkers and suffer from head injuries, skull fractures, soft tissue injuries, concussions, burns, and other injuries.

Overlook other hazards inside your home

In addition to the staircase, many other hazards may harm your baby in a walker. Such hindrances are sharp edges on chairs, bookshelves, working tables, etc, where your baby can get hit on their heads while walking fast in a walker. Many times, when the walker gets added height, it will make your baby’s head to get direct contact with such sharp and harmful edges. Thus overlook all those sharp edges and cover them with rubber protectors.

Purchase new baby walkers

Some people provide their babies with used baby walkers to save dollars. This is not a good option rather than one can buy a new advanced baby walker having enough safety options.

Don’t overuse

It is not advisable to overuse the baby walkers for longer periods. Doctors are recommending this advice to help babies walk faster without a baby walker. When you provide a walker for a longer period to your baby, they will not learn to walk normally without a walker.

Baby Walker Alternatives:

Some people are not happy with the use of baby walkers for their babies. They are looking for some other best-safe alternatives to help their babies learn walking soon. Babies and parents like these alternatives, as babies get much safety from using these alternatives.

Baby Jumper

This looks similar to the baby walker but the jumper is stationary and doesn’t have wheels to move around. Here the jumper has a bucket seat along with an activity station and toys to keep your baby entertained.

Doorway Jumper

If you are looking for a simple design of a jumper, then go with a doorway jumper. Rather than staying in one place, this jumper bounces more to add more fun for your baby.

Activity Center

These centers can appear in any form and are almost similar to a baby jumper, but here there are a lot of activity stations present around your baby to explore and enjoy.

In addition to the above alternatives, Push Walker and Sit-to-Stand Toy are some more options to make your baby enjoy and learn walking. But these two alternatives are somewhat dangerous when parents are not keeping an eye on them. Thus, whatever baby things like walkers, jumpers, etc. you provide for your babies, ensure that you keep an eye on them for their safety.

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