Drive Traffic To Your Blog Using YouTube

If you have noticed, I’m a bit obsessed with driving web traffic and how to get more quality links in some of my previous posts.  Today, I’ll be posting another subject on the same direction.

Let’s face it, your blog or website will not make any money if nobody pays attention to it. Simply means, no traffic=no money.

If you use Google in searching for something, for example, the words “world cup 2010″, you will notice that YouTube videos are always on top of SERP (Search Engine Rank Page).

Drive Traffic To Your Blog Using YouTube

Example of a Google search result with YouTube

This is not really unusual because Google owned YouTube.

What’s so exciting about this feature of the Google search engine, is that YouTube is one of the greatest sources of the traffic of most websites now than ever! This is how the term “viral videos”  was invented. A lot of internet marketers are using this great tool to bring massive traffic to their sites.

YouTube is a great way to market your blog or your website, but just like a well-written article, you need to have a  video that draws attention. After this, you need to create more views that will create the link and the position in the search engine, and therefore the traffic.

How do you create more YouTube views?

1. Don’t make your video appear like an Ad. – viewers don’t usually share this kind of video unless it was really amazing. If it’s an ad for the television, just upload it on YouTube how it was done. I’ve seen a lot of  ” the making of…” videos on YouTube that are so popular.

2. Try to make convincing(but not misleading) titles to your videos. Secret tip: I’ve seen a lot of fake videos title and hey…they have a lot of viewers.

3. Share, share, and share. Take advantage of Facebook, MySpace, Forums, and other social networks.

4. Try YouTube’s promoted videos feature. YouTube Promoted Videos (ads.youtube.com) is available for users in the USA only and for those Non-USA users, use Google AdWords to create a Promoted Videos ad.

5. Use a third-party marketing firm. Try Increaseyoutubeviews.com. Buy YouTube views and let this company do all the hard work to Increase Youtube Views.

What’s so special with Increaseyoutubeviews.com?  A lot actually. Let me just summarize it in a few words. This company will, and can definitely get you on the most viewed list, and make your video go viral!  When it comes to YouTube Video Promotion, just go to Increaseyoutubeviews.com and you’ll be in the perfect place.

If you want to be more popular, you need something to get people interested in your YouTube videos. Social networks and word of mouth will make you popular over time and so other third-party marketing firms whose specialty is making your video viral.

YouTube got a lot of potentials to make money, use it to your advantage.

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