How Importance Is Continuing Education

I work in a very fast phase industry. We just finished delivering our award-winning software to some of our customers today and we’re already preparing a new version. Not only one version, but we’re planning for the additional version that will take us a minimum of 2 years to develop. However, the new versions will entail a new technology which our partners will just about to launch! We had a discussion this afternoon, that all software developers and those who are in our QA department need to attend a special course or seminar for this new project or else we will have a hard time to develop it. I am responsible in steering the team to develop this new project. It simply means, I’m also accountable to look for the best way or medium to educate my colleagues.

How Importance Is Continuing Education

These same sentiments apply not only to Information Technology based company but to other career fields as well. I was just having an FB chat with one of my closest friends in Florida, USA. She’s a professor nurse in that State. We agreed that although we are not in the same field, we both need to continuously study to enhance our skills. She told me that even if she’s already a registered nurse and a professor in a foreign land , she’s constantly updating her skills in order to compete in her field of choice. Aside from attending seminars and conferences, she’s also a subscriber of Nursing 2013 magazine. I’d take a look at the URL of the magazine she posted in her Facebook wall and I’ve found out Nursing 2013 magazine is an an award-winning how to journal, written specifically for nurses and being publish every month. It provides the most practical reading material for nurses. Nursing 2013 magazine is actually not only a post reviewer for those who graduated already but also wonderful addition to any nursing students as well.

Continuing education in my field is not really necessary unless you want to improve yourself or have plans to step into a corporate ladder, but in nursing it’s a requirement. According to my friend, continuing education is a must in every state in the USA. Each state has their own set of requirements in order for a nurse to maintain their competency. There’s a required number of practicing hours together with attending a conference. For example Florida where my friend is located, the State’s continuing education is as follows: 24 hours of appropriate continuing education every 2 years, including a one-time, 1 hour on HIV or AIDS(both are same) CE requirement is to be completed prior to the first renewal, 2 hours on Prevention of Medical Errors, 2 hours of Domestic Violence from the Florida approved provider to be completed every 3rd renewal. Without fulfilling these requirements, a nursing license can be revoked by the governing bodies.

I’ve been talking a lot about continuing education for nurses that’s because my nurse friend was actually my EX. As a professor, she wanted me to help her to disseminate the information about the benefits of additional education. She told me that a lot of nurses are taking the continuing education for the sake of maintaining their license but in reality this is also the fastest way to qualify for higher-level nursing positions.

In fact, as I’ve mentioned again and again, continuing education not only force you to learn something new but as a professional, it keeps you abreast of your fields so you wont’t lag behind. It is also a great way to meet other people with the same mind and passion like yours.

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