How To Use and Clean A Pizza Stone Properly

A pizza stone is an ideal substitute for a pizza oven. However, if it is not used appropriately, you end up using it wrong and resulting in ruining of stone either by seasoning it and using it wrong or by cleaning it inappropriately.

How To Use and Clean A Pizza Stone Properly

When do we use a pizza stone?

Conventional grills and ovens are actually not intended to cook pizza appropriately. They cannot provide the initial high heat that is required to make a crispy crust, thereby not overcooking the pizza toppings. These conventional ovens are very slow in cooking, creating dough soggy and soggy pizza, which are similar to a cardboard crust when taken out.

When it comes to a pizza stone, it transfers high heat in the grill or oven. When utilized appropriately, the stone holds the heat to higher temperatures. Pizza that is positioned on the pizza stone, the crust starts to cook right away, simulating the traditional cooking of a brick oven.

The surface of a good pizza stone is porous, which draws out dough moisture during baking to obtain a crispy crust. It gives an even cooked crust and pizza.

Common mistakes using a pizza stone

Seasoning-Seasoning the pizza stone can result in smoke or foul odor ruining the stone and pizza as well. Temperature setting- Stone ought to be preheated to 550 deg F and not over it.

Cooking- Pizza should be placed at the stone center at room temperature and then cooked for five minutes in a closed oven/grill. Turn the pizza at 180 degrees and cook for 5-7 minutes.

Clean after the stone cools.

A pizza stone is porous, and so it shall absorb any cleanser or soap that is used on it. Therefore, never clean the pizza stone with anything that shouldn’t be eaten. Always cool the stone before cleaning it, or else the change in temperature can result in stone shock and result in a crack in it. If it is soaked within the water, the moisture is retained for a very long time in it.

Cleaning a pizza stone

Make use of hot water and a stone brush. The stone should not the soaked by totally immersing it in the water.

Make use of a small water stream for wetting the stone surface.

An extensive scrubbing has to be done with the brush without using any soap.

The stone should be air-dried rather than drying it by baking as this can result in water absorption being drawn out within the grill/oven. It can also result in a crack within the stone.

For cleaning very tough burnt and baked bits, a stone scrubber meant for pizza stone should be used.

Cooking a pizza on a pizza stone provides quicker cooking and a very good crust. These offer heat retention, even distribution of heat, no shock breakage, strong durability, and consistent pizza cooking on the grill or oven. However, proper usage and proper cleaning alone can provide long life and durability.

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