Is boiling water better than using a water purifier?

Heating water to boiling point is the method used by people to purify water before purification systems became the order of the day. This process is believed to be very effective in disinfecting the water using heat. When water is boiled, the temperature at which it is boiled is considered to be good enough to kill the harmful bacteria and viruses that might be present in the water.

Is boiling water better than using a water purifier?

Water purifiers

Water purifiers in the market use different technologies to purify water. Some of the common technologies that are employed for purification include 5 stages or 7 stage UV water purifiers system that employs reverse osmosis, which filters the unwanted and hazardous metals from the water, making it safe for consumption. But it cannot be considered ideal as this process depletes part of the essential minerals in the water as well. Using water purifiers is the ideal way to make water from borewells with high total dissolved solids (TDS).

Boiling water or purified RO or UV purified water. 

Almost all germs are cleared in purified water. However, in the case of boiling water, you would be surprised to note that certain microorganisms withstand the heat. These organisms would not be removed from the water and can cause infection

The RO water is ready to use immediately. The boiling water has to be boiled for at least 20 mins and then it has to be cooled to make it ideal and conducive for drinking

Pouring boiled water into bottles or other containers increases the chance for recontamination of water. However, the bacteria in the purified water is almost nil. This reduces the chance of recontamination.

Boiled water tends to have a flat taste, which is not preferred by most people. There is no such problem with a water purifier of any kind.

Purified water- A point to consider

Having discussed at length the difference between boiling water and purified water, you may conclude that purified water is better than boiled water. But, the problem with the purified water is that only the water molecules pass the special filtration membrane of the purifier. This means it helps in removing the poisonous or toxic minerals in the water, such as lead, phosphorus, etc. But, the problem is that while it removes the toxic minerals, the other minerals in water that are useful for your health such as calcium, magnesium, etc. which are present in the water. The water molecules, along with the essential minerals, are what is considered as ideal drinking water. That is why there arises a doubt as to whether purified, which is depleted of toxic and essential minerals, can be considered as better drinking water when compared to boiling water.

Purified water is better than boiling water considering the tedious process involved, as well as the purity of the water, is concerned. But, the point for concern is the depletion of the minerals that are essential for our body.

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