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Things To Consider When Starting An Affiliate Marketing Promotion

After posting my previous post, I received a couple of emails asking me about how to promote products online without spending much. Well, I did not lecture them on budgeting because that’s not my forte but instead, I shared to them the things they need to consider if they want to promote their products through affiliate marketing.

Things To Consider When Starting An Affiliate Marketing Promotion


A lot of company owners nowadays opt to start an affiliate marketing campaign as one of the components of their overall marketing promotion. In most cases, this kind of affiliate marketing promotion is only a small portion of their overall marketing strategy but you will find some organizations who opt to rely exclusively on this kind of marketing including big names such as Amazon.

Purpose of Affiliate Marketing

The primary purpose for using affiliate marketing is to save money whilst achieving beneficial advertising. However, once a company becomes more successful they ought to think about becoming a lot more proactive and combining their affiliate promotion with other forms of online marketing just like placing ads on Google (Adwords), buy banner ads spaces and orchestrating an email promotion campaign.

Use the Power of Affiliates to Promote Your Site

An affiliate marketing campaign is basically a promotion in which other website owners or bloggers are willing to promote by writing a post or by simply placing banner ads for your products or services on their websites. These owners are referred to as affiliates. The affiliates are given code or special links to be placed on their site and have the freedom to promote it as they see fit.

A lot of affiliates are now heavily promoting their site using social networks such as Twitter and Facebook. Sending a promotional email campaign is also another sure way to make a sale, especially if the affiliate has a big number of subscribers. The affiliate doesn’t only promote their site but they are also making a buzz for your site and product also. Whenever a reader clicks on the special link you’ve provided, the visitors will be directed to your own website as well.

I will continue this topic in the next post and will discuss how affiliate marketing can be used effectively. On a personal note, I was recently hired to be the affiliate manager of Alphadore – the World’s first and only financial statement analysis web application. If you need some help, please let me know.

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