What is the Best Pan for Cooking Paella?

For a very delicious Paella, one should use an appropriate pan to make it for an efficient job done. Paella is a rice dish that is cooked traditionally outdoors on an open fire. It is generally served right from the pan. Paella appears authentic and special for a family gathering when served right from the pan.

A paella pan is traditional and has a shallow and wide cooking region with sloped sides and 2 curved handles for mixing and movement to the table. Certain paella pans have dimples that trap little quantities of liquid that assist in even cooking.

What is the Best Pan for Cooking Paella?

The larger are permitted a thin layer of spreading for evaporation and to turn a golden crust of caramelization.

Different types of Paella pans

Carbon steel pan

Stainless Steel Pan

Cast Iron Paella Pan

Enamelled Pan for Paella

Non-Stick Paella Pan

Having analyzed various factors and studies done on various paella pans, of the entire above, Carbon Steel pan is considered the best of all.

Carbon Steel Paella Pan

Below are the features that make it ideal for cooking Paella:

The best and traditional cooking surface is Carbon steel for cooking Paella. It has apt weight and heats evenly and fast. It has a tin base minimizing the danger of overcooking.

It also develops an intense flavor to Paella. It’s ideal for glass, oven, electric, open fire, induction, and gas heat sources.

This is efficient when made use of a paella burner. When using over glass or ceramic cooktops, maintain the pan bottom clean and avoid dragging the pan on the cooking surface.

The carbon steel paella pan, which has an ideally flat bottom, is suitable for induction cooktops. One which has an angle is not suitable for electric stovetops or induction cooktops.

To prevent warping and thermal expansion of an induction hob, start cooking on low/medium heat for around ½ a minute and then gradually move to high temperatures.

Unlike non-stick paella pans or enameled pans, make use of a metal spatula and other metal pans to serve right off the pan to serve the meal.

Special care is needed when using a carbon steel pan.

Carbon steel pans are supposed to be washed with hands only. If you use them in the dishwasher, they tend to rust.

Care instructions

Before initial use, mild soap and nylon sponge can be used to clean and eliminate label glue.

After a thorough rinse, dry the pan, pour a few drops of veggie oil and make use of a paper towel to coat the internal and external surface of the pan.

Bake it within the oven for around half an hour to finish seasoning.

Scrub the residue of food clean the pan post-use and hold it below boiling water. Wash with hot water and a soft nylon pad. Rinse and dry right away.

Avoid using harsh detergents and hand scrubbers.

Since the heat has to be even to avoid burning and to get relishing Paella, one should select the pan that is quick and even in heating. The pan hence should be of thin material to have good control over the process of making Paella.

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